Countries with the Cheapest Beer in the World

Beer is the oldest and most consumed beverage worldwide and third most popular drink after water and tea. It is considered that beer originated in ancient Egypt when people first started raising crops.

Since its high popularity, one of the biggest concerns of consumers is how to find that elixir of nature as cheap as possible so that they can drink as much of it. So if you are one of the average beer consumer’s maybe you would like to know which the countries with the cheapest beers are and what makes them so special. Without a doubt any keen beer consumer will think of Czech Republic. And yes , Czech Republic is one of the countries where the beer is so cheap that it is even cheaper than a glass of water. One of the reasons for its cheap price there is because drinking beer in Czech Republic has become like a tradition over the years for the local people and it is calculated that the average beer consumption per person is 140 litres and not surprisingly this is the world record. For Czech people beer is like the wine for the French and like the vodka for the Russians. With such a big role in the locals ‘everyday life it is not a surprise that on average a pint in the pubs costs around £0.71. Famous brands here are Starobrno, Pilsner, Staropramen, etc.

Another country famous for its cheap beer is Ukraine. Combined with the gorgeous Ukrainian girls and the cheap beer is a perfect reason to take a short trip to the ex-Soviet Union country. A pint of beer here can be bought for around £0.40. And yet beer here is not as famous as in the previous country you will definitely find some good local brands that will leave a good memory for a cheap price and high quality. Famous local brands are Rohan, Arsenal, Desant etc.

Bulgaria is another good example for a country with a very cheap beer with a high quality. It is not a surprise that cheap beer comes in poor countries and therefore here you can enjoy a decent quality beer for just £0.78. Beer consumption here is around 78 litres per person annually and local people really appreciate the good beer so you can feel free to taste as many brands as possible. Famous local brands are Kamenitza, Zagorka, Ariana.

Let`s change the contitent and head to Central America, Panama. Here you will feel as if beer is woth nothing with only £0.31. Unbeliavable, right? Panama could be your next favorite country to head on vacation with so cheap beer and the tropical climate that will make beer tastes even better. Popular brands here are Panama, Atlas, Soberan,etc.

And the last but not least our leader and world`s cheapest beer host- Tajikistan in Asia. A pint here is just £0.29 and this is the cheapest yet lager in the world and around 10 times cheaper than the average price in Britain. The only disadvantage is that to enjoy the cheapest beer you will have to travel more than 3000 miles from Britain. If this is not a problem for you can book a flight straight away with Aer lingus phone number and get some good deals.